What's the best kind of photo to send?
  • The best photo's to use are the ones from the camera or mobile phone that took it in the first place, you may have a originals on a memory stick? you will also find any photo's taken with a mobile phone these days are backed to the cloud account eg Google or icloud. Original photo's are the best ones.

What photo's won't work?

  • Screenshot's of a photo don't tend to work very well
  • Social Media photo's are low quality and usually don't work
  • Group photo's rarely work as the heads are small and back in the photo
  • Turned to the side head shots don't work
  • Photo's that are missing the top or sides of the head don't work

Special Delivery

  • Someone must be at the address to take the package when using Special Delivery,  the postman won't leave the package without a signature. If no one is in the package will be taken back to your local sorting office where you can collect it the next day. This Guaranteed Service is by Royal Mail,  it is Royal Mail who are providing the Guaranteed Delivery, if for some reason the package does not arrive when it should you may be entitled to a refund for the postage charge only, not the order itself! we do not refund orders you placed as the package will arrive at some point.