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Semi Gloss Photo Card  Personalized Face Masks  Made to Order.

Makers of Top Quality Personalised and Celebrity Party Face Masks
hard wearing, long lasting, reusable.

The Face Masks are supplied either ready to use completely cutout or as a Self Cut Kit that you can cut around the face and hair as required.

​All masks are supplied with elastics or sticks, holes punched, all you need to do is tie on the supplied cut to length elastics or simply peel and apply the wooden sticks to the rear of the masks and away you go. 

Brilliant for Surprise Hen Night Parties, Stag Night Parties, Lads Stag Nights out, Girls Hen Nights out, Birthday Parties,
Retirement Events Business Events, a great way to break the ice. !

Our Party Face Masks are great fun, excellent quality, reusable, A4 in size, perfect copy of your supplied photo,  you will remember and talk about the event for a long time. 

Send us your forward facing, funny, smiling photo and we'll do the rest

We can enhance some Facebook photo's where possible or we will contact you if we need you to try another.

We have an ever growing list of Celebrity Masks, if you require one we don't already have simply contact us and we will get it !

Party face masks, a really good laugh for Hen Nights, Stag Nights,  Birthday Parties...
Make a night to remember, buy our top quality life size A4 board face masks that are printed using high quality image board and sealed 
with laminate for long lasting and very robust that can be used again and again. 

The masks arrive to you colour printed,we offer fully cutout or self cut out masks, professionally punched eyes holes and holes for elastics on either 
side and supplied to you with cut to length elastics for each mask, simply tie on the elastics and adjust to each required size.

All we need from you is a good quality photo, ideally forward facing ! directly form the camera, memory card, mobile phone or 
whatever was used to take it with. You can also use an old scanned photo, again scan it at a high resolution ideally 300dpi will do just fine,
 please make sure whatever you send us is a forward facing photo and as closeup to the face as possible.
"the more of an expression the funnier it is..."

You have a choice of how to send us the photo's either by
 E-mail MMS Text Message or by using our upload page on this website using your computer.

Good close up Facebook Pictures are ok for Badges ,Bottle Openers / Key Ring, Personalised Mirrors, Some Close up 
Some Facebook Pictures are ok if it's a close up of the face, these usually need enhancing.

Please please leave the cropping or cutting cut to us, just send the full photo, we have the tools for the rest.

Any and all quantities can be produced, we aim to send out your orders within two working days but please allow 
more time at busy periods for urgent requests we can arrange special next day delivery by Royal Mail if ordered and ok'd before 10am.

Go on get crazy and have yourself a laugh....

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